Quad 303 Power Supply Kit

This kit provides all the parts required to refurbish and upgrade the Quad 303 Power Supply. New main capacitors are provided along with critical new parts for the power supply module.

The kit contains the following parts:

2 x 6800uF 100v Power Supply Capacitors
2 x Mounting Brackets for the 2 main capacitors
1x Bridge Rectifier with heat sink and mounting hardware
1x MJ15003 or MJ802 Power Transistor with dry mount pad (TR3)
1x 2N3019 Driver Transistor with heat sink (TR201)
1x BC560 Transistor (TR200)
1x 1N4148 Diode (MR200)
1x New 12V Zenor Diode (Combination) (MR201)
1x 4k7 Trimmer Pot (RV200)
1x 2.2 uF Film Capacitor (C201)
1x 330pF Ceramic Capacitor (C200)

Quad 303PS